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Talk/Make Session – Scholarship Beyond Print

In conversation with the very recent release of guidelines for the evaluation of digital scholarship by the American Historical Association, we will discuss the difficulties and possibilities of pursuing dissertations and scholarly projects that don’t fit easily into the print paradigm. I will share my own experiences with a dissertation in process as a launching point for highlighting the questions of production, evaluation, preservation, legitimation, and support for projects that are not governed by print processes. Together, we can build a few things:

  1. an aggregation of targeted resources to facilitate these conversations in local academic settings,
  2. a set of values for scholarship in religious studies that might be translated into media other than print, and
  3. a list of recommendations for how AAR and SBL can support and encourage these emerging experimental forms of scholarship in the guild.

A primer from my dissertation space –

What if a doctoral student were to submit a project like this for a dissertation? How would we engage it, let alone evaluate it?